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Cucumber Agua Fresca


  • 2 1/2 cups plus 8 cups water
  • 2 1/2 pounds cucumbers, peeled, coarsely chopped (about 7 cups) plus 8 cucumber slices for garnish
  • 1 cup fresh lime juice plus 8 lime slices for garnish
  • 1 serrano chile, seeded, chopped
  • 6 fresh mint sprigs for garnish

Recipe Preparation

  • Stir sugar and 2 1/2 cups water in large saucepan over medium heat until sugar dissolves. Increase heat and bring to boil. Pour simple syrup into bowl and chill. DO AHEAD Can be made 1 week ahead. Keep refrigerated.

  • Working in batches, puree 2 1/2 pounds cucumbers, lime juice, chile, salt, and 2 cups simple syrup in blender until smooth. Strain puree into large pitcher or bowl. Mix in 8 cups water. Cover and chill.

  • Add cucumber slices, lime slices, and mint sprigs to pitcher of chilled agua fresca. Place ice cubes in each glass. Fill with agua fresca and serve.

,Photos by Ture LillegravenReviews Section

Cucumber Agua Fresca Smoothie

This summer, cool off with this agua fresca-inspired smoothie!

Agua frescas (Spanish for “fresh waters”) are a popular way to beat the heat in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean.

The refreshing drinks are made by infusing water with fruit, herbs, or flowers, and then the drinks are blended with sugar.

We’ve created a Shakeology version that uses coarsely chopped cucumber, fresh lime juice, and Vanilla Whey Shakeology. Blend it all together and enjoy!

Don’t have Shakeology yet? Talk to your Team Beachbody Coach or find your favorite Shakeology flavor here.

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Peach Basil

4 cups fresh peach slices

Add ingredients to blender and liquefy. Strain into glass pitcher or jar. Add simple syrup to taste. Refrigerate and serve, garnished with sprig of basil and peach slice.

Texas peaches are here! Try these 4 simple summer recipes

In this waterman cucumber fresca video recipe tutorial by Claudia Regalado on YouTube, you will learn how to make this refreshing drink. You start by peeling and cutting your watermelon into cubes.

Image By: Claudia Regalado Via YouTube

Then, strain your blended watermelon and cucumber into a jug and chill.

Image By: Claudia Regalado Via YouTube


I followed another reviewer's recommendation and finished it with sparkling water. Just delicious! Very refreshing and light. I also appreciate that there is so little added sugar for 8 portions.

Very pleasant and refreshing. Easy to make, BUT, definitely use the blender. My Cuisinart made a mess of it with half draining out on the counter. The Blender worked perfectly, no problem. Would be 4 stars except for the mess.

This is WONDERFUL! I have so many cucumbers this year from my garden. It is a delicious treat and very refreshing. I mixed the base with La Croix and loved it!!

I made this as written. It was delicious! Perfect for a hot day.

Good versatile beverage. Would recommend finishing it with sparkling water (plain or lime worked well). Also good with gin and vodka. Knocking off one fork as the instructions are poor. Use a blender not a food processor - it overflowed on me.

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While it may sound like an exotic Mexican cocktail, agua frescas are non-alcoholic drinks made from fresh fruits, crisp veggies, or seeds. They’re commonly found in Mexico and Central America among street vendors. But bodegas, restaurants, and juice bars serve them as well, just as they serve another Mexican favorite, horchata.

Luckily, agua fresca is easy enough to make right at home. All you need is chopped fruit, water, sugar, and a blender – that’s it. Which leads into my next point as to why I love homemade aguas frescas. They’re made with all natural ingredients, they make the most of peak in-season fruits, and they’re much healthier than most store-bought fruit juices. So let’s get blending my friends.

6 Kinds of Agua Fresca and How to Make Them

The Mexican drink agua fresca (“fresh water” or “cool water”) is made with water and fruit, but it is much more than just water and much different from the juice. Fruit juice is typically made by squeezing the liquid from the fruit it may be somewhat diluted, but it is much more juice than water. Agua fresca starts with fresh drinking water, and the fruit is blended or squeezed into it, resulting in a much lighter and more refreshing drink that is composed mostly of water.

One could say that agua fresca is a versatile drink somewhere between the extremes of straight juice and flavored water. It is tasty enough to be enjoyed on its own (and is typically very thirst-quenching), but it's also is a great option for sipping with a meal.

Agua fresca can be made from any one (or more) of your favorite fruits, as well as from chia seeds, dried hibiscus flowers, rice, or tamarind—or even from vegetables such as cucumbers, celery, or cooked beets. Homemade agua fresca is made with natural ingredients, which makes it much more healthful than most store-bought drinks. You can also use your preferred sweetener, whether that's sugar, piloncillo, stevia, or artificial sweetener, so it's easy to adjust for your own dietary needs.

If you use a granulated sweetener (such as white or brown sugar or piloncillo), keep in mind that these crystallized ingredients take a lot of time and stirring to dissolve into cold water—and even more so when other sweet elements such as pureed fruit are already present. You might want to make a simple syrup (sugar syrup) first or dissolve the sugar in slightly warm water before adding other ingredients.

Keto Cucumber-Lime Agua Fresca

What you need to make it:

    (you can use sugar if you are not on the Keto diet)
  • Smirnoff Cucumber-Lime Zero Sugar Infusions
  • 1-2 Cucumber ribbons
  • Cucumber puree
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Lime Wheel
  • Fresh Mint Sprig
  • Glass

How to Make it:

Start by riming an old fashioned glass or tall cocktail glass with the Truvia or sugar.

Tip: I like to use some of the lime juice to make the rim sticky before adding the sweetener.

Next, line the glass with cucumber ribbons and fill with ice.

In a cocktail stirring glass, combine the Smirnoff Cucumber-Lime Zero Sugar Infusion, cucumber puree, lime juice and mineral water.

Garnish with cucumber ribbons, lime wheels and mint sprigs and serve!

Now I know what you&rsquore thinking, &ldquowhere did you find sugar-free vodka?&rdquo and honestly, I didn&rsquot even know such a thing existed either until the other day.

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions come in three delicious mouth-watering flavors: Cucumber & Lime (used for this recipe), Watermelon & Mint and Strawberry & Rose.

These vodkas are infused with the natural flavors and are only 72 calories per serving, gluten-free and made with no artificial flavors and colors.

Smirnoff Zero Sugar Infusions retails at a suggested retail price of $11.99 for a 750mL bottle and is available starting this month nationwide.

Watch the video: SUB 자주 먹는 식재료 보관 정리법. 버리는거 없이 알뜰하고 신선하게 오래 보관하는 팁. 냉장고가 가벼워지는 식재료 정리. How to store food (September 2021).